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  • How to participate in ESF Actions
    The ESF Funding is available through the Operational Programmes managed by the central Public Administrations of the Country, by the Regions and by the autonomous Provinces, which play the role of the Managing Authority of the Operational Programme.
    The National and Regional Operational Programmes are applied through projects managed by public and private Operators, Organizations and Businesses, which are the beneficiaries.

    The beneficiaries, selected by the Managing Authority, through public procedures, realize the projects by using the ESF Funding they got from the Managing Authority.
    The beneficiaries of the ESF projects are the people which take part in projects and that take advantage of them, such as attending a training course or participating in a work placement programme. Also the Organisations and the Companies can participate in ESF Projects, such as providing training courses for their employees or the management of new operational practices.
    In order to participate in Projects funded by the ESF, citizens must refer directly to the Region or to the autonomous Province of residence.
    In order to find all the information about your Region and about your autonomous Province, please click here to read the mailing list.