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  • 2007 – 2013 Priorities
    ​Through the programme 2007-2013, the ESF reveals its role as an instrument which supports policies and priorities aimed to achieve full employment, to improve quality and productivity at work and to promote social inclusion, cohesion and enhancement of human resources, in accordance with the guidelines and recommendations made under the European Employment Strategy (EES).
    Compared to the 2000-2006 programme, this programme is made up of interventions and of a differentiation of priorities based on the objective "Regional Competitiveness and Employment" and "Convergence".
    The new ESF Regulation no 1081/2006 emphasizes the principles that characterize all stages of programming, such as the topic of fairness, through the promotion of measures to foster gender equality and equal opportunities, and partnership, which plays an increasingly key role.
    The promotion of innovative actions,  the promotion of transnational and interregional activities are within the framework of each operational programme. Through the new programme, the ESF can finance the actions involved in the ERDF, within the limit of 10% of the total cost (15% for the inclusion).

    For the period 2007 – 2013, the Intervention Priorities for the SEF are the following:
    • adaptability of workers, enterprises and entrepreneurs
    • improving of the access to employment and sustainable inclusion in the labour market
    • social inclusion of disadvantaged people and fighting discrimination in the workplace
    • development of the human capital
    • partnerships and agreements to promote the reforms in the fields of employment and inclusion in the workplace
    Furthermore, only regarding the Convergence – Objective:
    • to expand and improve investment in Human Capital
    • to strengthen of the Institutional Capacity and the Efficiency of PA and of the Public Services at national, regional and local levels and, where appropriate, of the Social Partners and of the non-governmental Organizations.